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Mr. Clarence E. Bullock plead guilty to animal cruelty.

December 9,2009

On October 31, 2009 Capt. Yocum, LT. hunker and Agent Amato responded to an animal cruelty complaint regarding a horse located at Yellow Rock Ranch in Belvidere NJ. Upon arrival NJSPCA Law Enforcement personal discovered a severely emaciated horse with a broken / severely injured front leg. Capt. Yocum assigned the case to Agent Amato for further investigation.  After a thorough investigation, Agent Amato issued summons and charged Clarence E. Bullock for being in violation of 4:22-17a1 and 4:22-26a1 failure to provide sustenance.

On December 9, 2009 in White Township Court, Clarence E. Bullock entered a guilty plea and was charged with both criminal and civil counts. Clarence E. Bullock was ordered to pay a $1,000.00 fine and $644.50 in restitution.  Further more Agent Amato was also able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Clarence E. Bullock is not capable of taking care of his existing animals and as a result and part of the guilty plea the court ordered Clarence E. Bullock to surrender eight of his sixteen horses.  The NJSPCA is assisting Clarence E. Bullock in finding the eight horses forever homes.