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NJSPCA Video Gallery
Welcome to the NJSPCA's video gallery. Here you can view videos of items concerning pets and animal welfare. Click on the image or link to view the video
90 dogs removed

March 6, 2010 dogs removed from farm.

The New Jersey SPCA, The Humane Society of the United States, Cumberland County SPCA and Gloucester County Animal Control/Animal Shelter joined forces to remove 90 dogs from a puppy mill operation in Upper Pittsgrove Township.
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January 21, 2010 Matthew and Amanda Teymant are sentenced in the Barnegat animal cruelty case.

On April 7, 2008, a contractor discovered hordes of dead animals in the couple's Potomac Court home when he went there to change the locks. The couple had moved out after falling behind on mortgage payments, leaving behind animals — dogs, cats, turtles, hamsters, guinea pigs and possibly a ferret in what has been described as a gruesome mass tomb.
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It's Involves Dog Fighting In the Trunks Of Cars

As if dog fighting wasn't bad enough... Now the blood sport has a dirty secret.
It's called "trunking". And authorities say it's happening right here in New Jersey.
Mike Gilliam of Ch 9 explains.
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Trainer charged with beating dog.

A Chester Township man who claims to be “the world’s leading authority on the rehabilitation of fighting and biting dogs” has been charged with multiple Title 4 animal cruelty violations after intentionally baiting a dog in his care to bite him and then beating the dog with a pipe, his bare hands20and his fist, causing extensive internal injuries.



Wanted for Animal Cruelty Billboard

PATERSON, N.J. (CBS) ― It's a first in New Jersey: Police have put out the sketch of a suspect wanted for animal cruelty, and they're making sure just about everyone takes notice.

His face is now plastered on a billboard on Route 80. Police say he's the suspect who left a malnourished, pregnant dog tied to the fence of a Paterson animal shelter in the freezing cold, while bleeding.

If you recognize the man in the sketch or have information about the case, you can call the Paterson Animal Shelter or the Passaic County SPCA. The suspect could face several years behind bars and a $25,000 fine.

(Watch Video >)
Courtesy of CBS 2

Animal Cruelty: Dog Fights Held in car Trunks

(Watch Video >)
Courtesy of CW11

SPCA Cracks Down on People Leaving Dogs in Cars

The dog days of summer are no time to leave your dog in the car. It can be dangerous, even deadly after just minutes in the heat. CBS joined the NJSPCA for a crackdown along the Jersey Shore. (Watch Video >)
Courtesy of CBS

US Army Kills Pet Cat

What may have been a small artillery shell slammed through the roof of a house in New Jersey Friday, and killed a cat. The Star-Ledger of Newark says the six-by-four-inch object landed on 10-year-old Casandra Angel's bed. She had left about 20 minutes earlier to go to a sleepover at a friend's house. But the family cat was injured and had to be put to sleep. (Watch Video >)
Courtesy of WNBC.COM
68 Animals Found Dead in Barnegat NJ

68 Animals Found Dead

On Monday, 4/7/08, the NJSPCA was called in to manage a large scale cruelty investigation in conjunction with the Barnegat Police Department. After a lengthy day and warrant process, a warrant was executed on the property. (Watch Video >) (Read the Story)
Courtesy of 6ABC.COM

SPCA Investigates Dog's Fatal Stabbing With Screwdriver

Investigators said they need the public's help to solve a case of animal cruelty.
Report Information On The Case: 888-582-5979
CAPE MAY COUNTY. N.J. (CBS) - The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals wants to know who used a screwdriver to stab a dog to death in Upper Township. (Watch Video >) (Read the Story)
Courtesy of NBC News Video

Horror: Defenseless Beagle Burned, Tortured

Animal Control Officers, Veterinarians Want Justice
Help 'Beagle Boy': 201-797-8861
Information On The Case: 973-881-3640

PATERSON. N.J. (CBS) - The quivering mild mannered 3-month-old known as "Beagle Boy" was recovering from horrible burns Monday night at a nearby animal shelter. (Watch Video >)
Courtesy of CBS2 News Video

Inside dogfighting

CNN's Drew Griffin goes inside the underground world of illegal dogfighting. (Watch Video >)
Courtesy of CNN Video

Vick Formally Pleads Guilty To Dogfighting Charges

(CBS) RICHMOND, Va. Michael Vick apologized Monday for "using bad judgment and making bad decisions" and vowed to redeem himself after pleading guilty to a federal dogfighting charge. (Watch Video >)
Courtesy of CBS2 News Video

Dozens Of Animals Found Living In Squalor In Saddle River

Nearly 90 cats and dogs -- 23 of which were found dead -- were discovered inside a multi-million dollar Bergen County mansion, police say, and the owners of the property now face animal cruelty charges. CBS2's Jay Dow reports. (Watch Video >)
Courtesy of CBS2 News Video

Ving Rhames' Dogs Maul Man to Death

LAPD tells TMZ that "Mission Impossible" star Ving Rhames' dogs have mauled and killed a man who worked for the actor. (Watch Video >)
Courtesy of ABC News Video

Vick Goes To Court

Michael Vick went to court on charges of running a dog-fighting operation and cruelly executing dogs that didn't perform well. Byron Pitts looks at the case and its effects on the NFL star.
(Watch Video >)
Courtesy of CBS News Video

N.J. Councilman Accused
Of Animal Cruelty

(CBS 3) BERLIN, N.J. A New Jersey councilman accused of animal neglect shared his frustration outside a Berlin court house on Wednesday. (Watch Video >)
Courtesy of CBS News Video