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Happy Endings

The Incredible Dog Jelly Bean

In March 2007 a case came in with the subject "Puppy with Suspicious Injury". A four month old pug puppy was brought into the Columbus Veterinary Hospital, so severely beaten he had a fractured humerus, head trauma and miscellaneous internal injuries. The owners stated they did not know how it happened and claimed they knew nothing. Thanks to the dedication, conviction and willingness of Dr. Kim Greiner, we were able to introduce medical evidence to the court which led to the conviction of Mr. Carl Fowler.

Once this little pug was able to leave the hospital, it was the love and patience of Kim from the rescue "Pug Planet" that helped him recover. Although partially blind and deaf from his injuries, he never has to worry about anyone hurting him ever again. He has a new name, Jelly Bean and a new life thanks to all the people whose life he touched.

Jelly Bean UPDATE:
Just about a year after his near death beating, JellyBean has been adopted from Pug Planet and is now living very happy with family who will give him the love and attention he needs and deserves. Again we would like to thank the Columbus Veterinary Hospital and Pug Planet for all their help.


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